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Shad – “Yaa I Get It” (Video)
April 21
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We gave you a teaser of this before of Shad’s new song but before the mp3 leaked they dropped a video on us. I have been waiting on this album for a while so I’m glad to see he is making moves to get it out to the public. The video itself is grimey with Shad killing it in a basement and also on a rooftop with some graffiti on it. This could be one of my most anticipated albums if it releases at some point this year.

Smalltown Romeo ft. Shad – “Boom Ha” (Video)
April 9
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Smalltown Romeo is a DJ from Canada and he got my favorite Canadian artist to jump on this track with him. I am a relatively new fan of Shad but it was really interesting to hear him rhyme over a dancier style beat then what I have heard him on in the past. The animation in the video is dope too and I like how each line fluidly leads into the next one with the animation portraying it all without missing a beat. In case you all missed the post yesterday, Shad announced his next album and tour dates which you can find by clicking on the link.

Shad – New Album: “TSOL” x Tracklist x Tour Dates x “Yaa I Get It” Teaser
April 8
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The worst downside to still being a student is that some weeks, I get so swamped with ass loads of work that I miss out on new music and music news. After catching up with three days worth of feeds, I saw that Londoner (Ontario, not the UK) Shad has begun his publicity campaign for his upcoming album, TSOL. So far, only Shad knows what those letters stand for, so don’t ask me. Above as you can see is the artwork, while after the jump you can find a tracklist, Canadian tour dates, and a teaser video for the single, “Yaa I Get It”. Once in a while, a Lupe or a Jay Electronica comes along to smash the new school lyrically. I have a strong feeling that Shad is one of those guys too. If you don’t believe me, check out his last album, The Old Prince, on iTunes. TSOL drops May 25.

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BeatsandBombs 2009 Mix: Hip-Hop Gems
December 31
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First we gave you the Jams but now it is time for the hip-hop gems. I said in the previous post that the past couple days I came up with the idea to post a few mixes that sum up my year in music. These joints are all songs that were some of the more solid underground songs that I listened to this past year and deserve more shine. A number of my favorite new artists are on there and this is another mix that is pretty damn complete. Look out for our final installment of rock songs which should drop over the next couple days. Link and tracklist are below the break and everyone have a happy and safe New Year!

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The Recap: Music Video Of The Year
December 19
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Eminem: 3 AM (directed by Syndrome)
If there is one field that hip-hop lags behind in comparison to other genres, it’s music videos. We’re all aware that the phrase “hip-hop music video” has become synonymous with many negative stereotypes, but more and more, rappers have been breaking free from this mould. Eminem is just too batshit crazy to fit into that mould, and so when news spread that the video for the single “3 AM” was going to be premiered on cable-access Cinemax, interest was piqued. Directed by Syndrome, this music video captures the demented terror of the song thanks to its settings, its lighting (which may not seem like a big deal but is absolutely spot-on), and its overall mood. On top of that, Em portrayed the character in the song incredibly, as is proven in the scene where he is sitting in the bathtub of blood and only his eyes are visible. After watching this mini horror movie, you can see why it deserved to be premiered on a channel like Cinemax.
Read the list of honorable mentions and watch their videos after the jump.
Shad – “The Calling” (Video)
October 26
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Since Felipe joined our team and reps Canadian hip-hop to the fullest with his posts I haven’t had the opportunity to cover the scene in a while but I am glad I get the chance to post Shad’s new video. Shad is someone that I only recently discovered but I already got his last album and I have to say he is one of my favorites to listen to at the moment. He has a smooth, chill style, always has great content to his rhymes and lyrically is very gifted, I think that is about the best compliment I can give to any of the rappers I put up here. The video for “The Calling” matches his cool demeanor and is a real video without the need to go over the top with effects. I’m not sure the placement for this song but I can only hope it means that he has a new project on the way. According to ingz in the comment section this song is from Danny Digg’s Introducing EP and it also features Jermiside & Destruments.

Shad K – “The Calling” Feat. Jermiside & Destruments
September 18
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I’ve been MIA for the last few days because of other responsibilities, but I’m back now. It’s been a great music week for me: I got Kid Cudi’s masterpiece Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, DOOM’s MM..Food and DOOM’s Operation: Doomsday (I’m a big DOOM fan and I managed to find a store that actually had copies of both of these underground classics). But enough about me lol.

Shad K (formerly known as Shad) is a London, Ontario rapper whose talent exceeds most people’s expectations. He hasn’t been in the game for long, but he spits like it’s in his nature. Plain and simple, he sounds like he was born to rap (no wonder Toronto blogs often try to convince people that he’s from the megacity lol). To be honest though, I wish he had more variety in the beats he rhymes over. Regardless, this is another killer track by him, and it is off Introducing, an EP by Irish beat-maker Danny Diggs. Big ups to cityonmyback for this. Download here.

Line of the track: “I’m the Freudian X / Freedom by any dreams necessary.” I know Kanye did something similar on “Good Morning”, but Shad K does it better.

Oh, Canada? – Five Canadian Rappers/Rap Groups You Need to Know
August 30
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We all know that when it comes to hip-hop, no one does it better than the States. Being the home of the movement, the U.S. involves itself in the development of the genre much more than any other country. As time went on, though, hip-hop became a global movement. From the favelas of Brazil to the streets of London, England, the culture made its presence known. One country that knows how to do it right is Canada.

Being a Canadian myself, it’s fair to assume that I have some sort of bias, but regardless the talent in this country is definitely present. From Vancouver to the Maritimes, rappers come correct and deliver. Granted, Canada doesn’t seem like a very welcoming place to hip-hop (our border patrol is a constant nightmare for any rapper coming to tour in Canada), but from the days of Maestro Fresh Wes and his hit single “Let Your Backbone Slide”, to the recent success of Drake, Canadians have popped up here and there throughout hip-hop history.

These five rappers/rap groups aren’t being highlighted because they’re Canadian. They’re being listed here as great rappers first and Canadian citizens second. So without further ado, here are five Canadian rappers/rap groups you need to know about.

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Shad – “Now A Daze” x “Freestyle” (Videos)
August 12
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Someone sent me an email the other day (I think his name was EZ but am not sure it was Ingz in the comment section) about checking out Shad from Toronto (actually London, Ontario, my bad to all the Canadians out there) and I am REALLY glad I did. Check out this video and the freestyle below, he easily is one of the best conscious rappers out there doing it and I love being one of the first sites in America that I know of to jump on his music. I haven’t seen anything new from him but I have since gotten his album The Old Prince and it is quality song after quality song. This album is 2 years old and still beats the crap out of almost everything out today. I wish there was more music to throw up but apparently EMI Canada is stricter with embedding their videos than the NFL is with their new uniform violations policy. Enjoy the dope artwork and video up top and a ridiculous 6 minute freestyle below the break. Oh and I highly recommend you get the album here.

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