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Jon Hope – “Still Breathin'”
September 14
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This week keeps getting better and better with the Redskins winning, attending the Eminem/Jay-Z show last night at Yankee Stadium, an S-Preme track and now one from my man Jon Hope. Both of those artists had the B&B stamp of approval long ago and were even both on our B&B mixtape released about a year ago. “Still Breathin'” seems to be a sequel to his “Breathin'” track which was initially featured on The Audacity because he quotes it at the end and even brings along Taktix for the ride again. Jon has some of the realest lyrics out there with no pretentious bullshit so be sure to grab his Somekind of Wonderful tape as well as the B&B exclusive “Change My Ways” and we now know that there is a new project titled The Waterfire dropping in October, cheaaaa!

Download: Jon Hope – “Still Breathin'”