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T-Pain vs. His Vocoder
October 3
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This video is hilarious! I’m glad the guys over at FunnyOrDie.com did this and that he could joke around with the fact he uses the Vocoder so much. I’ve met too many artists that are so insecure they can’t take a joke about themselves. T-Pain should definitely release the Vocoder song he jokingly recorded, I’ll bet if it came on at a loud party half the people wouldn’t know the difference haha.
DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West & T-Pain – “Go Hard”
August 19
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Ok now Kanye is using the Vocoder on his voice just like T-Pain (and yes I know Roger Troutman did that shit first). I’m waiting for a full Vocoder album from a rapper because that’s all there is left to do, just kidding this stuff is getting old fast. I even like this track but just had to get that off my chest because of all the rapper Vocoder songs I have heard recently.