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D-Sisive – “West Coast”
October 23
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Some more from Toronto alt.-rapper D-Sisive, this time from his upcoming mixtape Jonestown, dropping November 18. These fringe rappers like D-Sisive can come off as a bit too left-field for people, but trust me, the dude is so sick. D-Sisive builds his raps on imagery-filled stories in which the images are formed through the many metaphors he throws. The sampling in the instrumental was also interesting, especially when Slick Rick’s “La Di Da Di” was thrown into the mix. Don’t sleep!

Download: D-Sisive – West Coast

Famous – “Hater’s Eulogy” (Goddess Girl Movie: Scene 3)
October 21
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I don’t mean to sound like I’m hating, especially on someone from the megacity, but Famous’ “movie” concept seems to have  gone out the window. One scene barely relates to the next and there doesn’t seem to be any plot. For those who will be wondering (which will be most), the people in the scene are, for the most part at least, those behind, a Toronto hip-hop site that I shout out to constantly for updates that I write posts about (so much love to the fam there). I’ll still continue to post these scenes regardless because the songs behind them (which, again, are the focus point of this marketing strategy obviously) have been top notch. “Hater’s Eulogy” is about what you think it’s about, and the beat has a nice island vibe to it, which is a real good look for Toronto because the Caribbean community plays such a huge part not only in our hip-hop, but in the very DNA of our city. Download link and links to scenes 1 and 2 after the jump.

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Famous – “Screwface Rap” (Goddess Girl: Scene 2)
October 13
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The second scene of the Goddess Girl movie is in. Again, I have to say I’m a fan of the concept. The only criticism I have is that for something that was shot so cleanly with such nice camera work, couldn’t the scenes be longer? A minute is pretty short, and although I understand that the point of this “movie” is to release a new track a week, there could be a bit more to it. Anyways, as long as tracks of this calibre keep coming, I can’t complain. This is definitely a hard song and I’m feeling the switch between the clean vocals and the gritty filter (the beat is also most definitely a banger). Read the rest of this entry »

Famous – “I Wanna Know Your Name” feat. Oh! (Goddess Girl: Scene 1)
October 6
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A few weeks back, I posted the trailer for The Kid Famous’ mini-film. For those who don’t know, he’ll be releasing a scene from the movie per week and each scene will premiere a new track. This is an excellent marketing strategy because those who follow from the beginning will want to keep following the movie until the end, and this will only accumulate more buzz as the weeks pass. “I Wanna Know Your Name” is a quick-paced love rap (i.e. womanizer hip-hop a la Drake and Fabolous), and it’s definitely something you could imagine this playing  in clubs throughout the city (which plays well to Famous’ strengths, because he’s got the club scene in the dot locked down). Download the track here. Shouts to rez digital over at Flow 93.5’s OTA Live and for getting this e-mailed out a.s.a.p.

Heidi Happy feat. D-Sisive – “Why”
October 3
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As of late, I haven’t been making any posts about well-known artists and songs…and I’m not going to break that run just yet. I’ve never heard of Heidi Happy before, but after hearing her on this song I’m definitely going to check out her stuff (her latest album is called Flowers, Birds, and Home). This song won me over in ten seconds flat. It’s truly a perfect marriage between hook, rhymes, and beat: Heidi’s smooth sexy voice floats over the track, D-Sisive paints a vivid lyrical picture with beautiful imagery, and the mellow jazz beat with the violin riff is so dope. I don’t want to sound corny, but the best word to describe this song is beautiful. Shouts to Hip-Hop Canada! Download link after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Art Of Fresh – “Campfire Music” (Video)
October 1
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There are four names you need to know in the search for who got next in Toronto: Colin Munroe, K’naan, Tona, & Art Of Fresh. Art Of Fresh is the duo of Slakah the Beatchild and Guiness world record rapper D.O. (he held the record for world’s longest freestyle: 8 hours and 45 minutes). Self-proclaimed heralds of “the new era of boom-bap”, they have that feel-good sound needed to represent that era. Fresh off their appearance at Toronto’s Manifesto Hip-Hop Festival, they released this video off their latest album, Back to the Earth (on iTunes now). This is definitely a 180 degree turn from their previous (and largest) single, “Out This World” (I’m not allowed to embed this video on to the site, but definitely go search it up on YouTube), with it’s down-to-earth feel and chill sound. Don’t sleep on these dudes.

While You Were Sleeping: GZA at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto
September 29
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Sometimes, I really want to write posts about certain artists or events, but I usually have to wait for something more recent to happen so I can relate an earlier event to. That’s why I’m going to periodically put up posts under the title “While You Were Sleeping” so I can give some shine to moments, songs, or whatever that I feel was somewhat slept on.

NXNE is Toronto’s answer to SXSW, except with way more indie bands and way less hip-hop. The closing acts of the festival were GZA (easily my favorite member of the WTC) and The Cool Kids. It was really dope to see the festival allow hip-hop to take the biggest stage (Yonge-Dundas Square, which is the largest square right in the heart of downtown) on the biggest night of the festival. It was also kind of weird to see GZA on at a time as early as 8:00 pm, but at least it attracted a much larger crowd. It was an extremely hype show and I was lucky enough to be right at the front of it, rapping along to bangers like  “Liquid Swords”, “4th Chamber”,  “Triumph”, his verse and of course Inspectah Deck’s, and “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. All in all, it was such a crazy concert and I was so happy to see hundreds and hundreds of people flood the square for The Genius (never mind it was a great kick-off to this past summer).

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9th Wonder Calls Toronto “The Hip-Hop Capital Of The World”
September 21
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I guess 9th Wonder really like being a part of Manifesto this year! The picture honestly says it all, so I’ve got nothing left to say but BIG ups to everyone who took part and came out for Manifesto this year (I was neck-high in work this weekend, so I had to miss out on such a major event – don’t think I don’t regret missing it).

Let’s Go To War – “Don’t Love Me” (Video)
September 13
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This is something I was debating posting up because although this song is great, it’s not a good representation of this group’s past work. Let’s Go To War is an electro-rap group from the dot who have produced for the likes of Miss Britney Spears (they produced “Mmm Papi” from the album Circus). This is the biggest single to come from their latest album, Karmageddon, and it is nothing like the electro sound of their previous hits. This is hip-hop backed up by a band with a touch of pop to please the mainstream. This song is really solid from an instrumental and a lyrical perspective, and I’m surprised I never heard of these guys before. On a sidenote, I really wish there were more great hip-hop bands, because The Roots can’t hold it down forever!

Die Mannequin – “Bad Medicine”
September 10
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Over here at B&B, we try to serve up once in a while some good music outside of hip-hop. It’s good to diversify your tastes and be aware of what’s out there outside of your comfort zone. As Common said in “The Light”, “It’s kinda fresh that you listen to more than hip-hop”. Anyways, Die Mannequin (who have opened for Guns ‘N Roses in the past) is one of my favorite bands and definitely my favorite to come out of Toronto in recent times. It’s hard rock led by Care Failure, their female vocalist and guitarist. Fino + Blood is their debut album which came out earlier this week. Below is the music video for “Bad Medicine”, the first single off the LP. It’s definitely a raw sound but it’s appealing to all, from the die-hard rock fans to the mainstream listeners.