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DJ Ant-Lo Presents: UGK – Greatest Hits (The Str8 Classics Series Vol. 3)
October 15
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UGK DJ Ant Lo Tape Front

I normally don’t post DJ mixtapes on here but this is one of the first to catch my attention in a long time and is something that can educate everyone who isn’t in the know about UGK. These legends are one of my favorite groups and someone I caught myself up on about 4-5 years ago. DJ Ant-Lo does all the work for you and delivers a tape with a lot of their greatest hits so you don’t have to go searching all over iTunes or the net for individual songs. The first time I heard “Pocket Full of Stones” it opened my eyes, especially for when it was released, and I think some of these tracks could do the same for others. The download and tracklist are below the break.

Spotted @ HIF

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