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Wale Mixtape – Back to the Feature
June 22
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I have to post this first since it dropped right after our last post for the weekend and it is one of the most anticapated mixtapes in several months. Mr. Folarin finally got all the features he needed from other artists to release this Wale mixtape which is in preparation for his album Attention:Deficit. A number of these tracks we heard because Wale did his best to satisfy his fans during the six weeks this tape was pushed back but there are plenty of tracks you we haven’t heard yet either. 9th Wonder was also a part of the project and takes a majority of the production credits but there are a few exceptions. Click the break to get the download link and tracklist which has too many featured artists to even list.

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Wale Mixtape – Road To Attention: Deficit
March 31
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I really like the idea behind this Wale mixtape, it is a sampling of some of his songs to catch people up on his music to date, it is almost like a Wale’s indie career greatest hits album lol. I am really excited to see “Uptown Roamers” on there, it is still my favorite song and is another song that I bumped for about 4 months straight. Anyways enough of my talking read what HipHopUpdate and DCtoBC had to say about their tape, Click the break for the download and link.

With the release of his single, the announcement of his promo tour as well as the release date for his next official mixtape, “Back to the Feature,” we felt it was perfect timing to put together a nice compilation of Wale’s work up until this point.

This compilation mixtape includes work from his past mixtapes (Paint a Picture, Hate is the New Love, 100 Miles & Running, The Mixtape About Nothing), as well as some live material and rarer freestyles. This is similar in style to our Cudi mixtape, that’s done almost 11,500+ Downloads so far.

We set out to call it the “Road” to Attention Deficit (his upcoming Interscope album) because his career has been a journey thus far – so we included live audio from the UK, Australia, California, etc. that captures his journey around the world.

Link if your looking for the Back to the Feature Wale mixtape: Wale Mixtape – Back to the Feature

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