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Devin the Dude – “What I Be On” (Video)
March 15
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Devin gives us the visuals for his latest single off of his upcoming album Suite #420 which coincidentally drops on 4/20. The song itself is classic Devin with his smooth, easy to listen to style and beats with him talking about his favorite hobby of smoking weed. I did learn though that tomorrow Devin will be dropping an EP in preparation for his album called Do Not DistHerb (Suite #420) which you can get on iTunes. I might have to buy it for the title alone, Devin always comes up with original ways to incorporate his drug habit into his work haha.

Devin The Dude – “What I Be On”
February 17
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Devin is literally the only rapper that rarely switches up his subject matter and yet I still listen to every song the guy puts out. If you are looking just to chill, then Devin is your dude for that, because he often raps about weed (rolled in a Swisher according to his lyrics), women and Budweiser beer. That right there is very limited content yet Devin continually makes music which I put in my rotation with almost everything he releases as a single. He is so smooth with his lyrics and singing/rapping (move over Cudi for the master) that I can’t deny it and if I need something to unwind and vibe to Devin often is the artist I choose for it. Get ready for more Devin posts because of his new album Suite #420 is dropping on none other then 4/20 (lol go figure) and it is sure to be dope.

Download: Devin The Dude – “What I Be On”