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Meth, Ghost & Rae – “Our Dreams” (Video)
March 23
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This is one of my favorite songs to drop in the past couple months because this beat is so crazy and on top of that we get some of the best rappers of Wu spitting over it. The video, directed by Rik Cordero, is some dope shit too where they show you the carnage of a shootout and how it came to be later in the video. When I say carnage too I mean it, this is the bloodiest video I have seen in a while and although I think gore is usually over the top, for “Our Dreams” it is well utilized to convey the gangster story. You can cop the full album on March 30th.

Meth, Ghost & Rae – “Criminology 2.5″
March 3
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This is what all the Wu heads out there have been waiting for and I don’t even think they will mind the remixing of a classic. I have always liked these three the most out of the Wu in terms of pure spitting ability but that isn’t to say I don’t appreciate what other members bring to the table. A sample of a popular gangster movie with a simple beat which these three can weave in and out of all day long? Ummm… yes please. Grab the download/stream below the break and also the tracklist for the album.

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Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Method Man – “Wu-Massacre” (Artwork & Release Date)
February 16
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In case you haven’t heard, Starks, Johnny Blaze and The Chef are dropping an album next month. I couldn’t pass up sharing this artwork with you guys because it exudes that Wu-Tang vibe so perfectly. Apparently, the album title was changed to Three The Hard Way, but Wu-Massacre sounds better so let’s hope they stick with that. WTC doesn’t ever really exit the spotlight, considering  how the moment one member’s buzz is settling down, another one has his building up for another project. This is either dropping March 9th under the name Three The Hard Way (according to Raekwon’s Twitter) or March 30th under Wu-Massacre (according to Amazon), so we’ll have to see what happens Update: according to YN at Rap Radar, it will be the 30th under Wu-Massacre, and the group name will be simply Meth, Ghost & Rae. Big ups to Carlton for this.